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first broke the details last week. he'll join us in the next hour. and citigroup leads the earnings parade. numbers due at about 8:00 a.m. eastern time. the banking giant is expected to earn 96 crepts is share on revenue of $18.4 billion. as always, well bring you the results and instant analysis. both of these stories could be keys to the broader markets today. stocks are coming off their worst week since early june. it's been four months since we've seen a week like we saw last week. it was bad across the board for the dow, the s&p and for the nasdaq, but many on wall street are buzzing for a bullish story which suggests the dow could soar past all time highs. argues stocks are healthier today. our what's working now series continues. in just a few minutes, we have mark mobius joining us with his take on the emerging markets. he travels world looking for the best bets. and at 6:30, the ceo of rbc wealth management, john taft. at 8:00, we'll turn to the fixed income markets with jim r reynolds. plus neel kashkari will be offering his stock selections, as well. and this morning we a
. originally the nyse had planned to use its electronic platform, but at this point it has decided to shut trading all together. that happened after it had conversations with other u.s. stock markets and with u.s. regulators, including the sec. and this is the first weather related shut down since hurricane fwlor i can't back in 1985. the cme group is running its urk of usual futures session from 6:00 p.m. to 9:15 a.m. eastern. you will be able to see the stock index futures throughout the morning. they are under pressure right now. cme will be shutting down trading after that time. so depending on the impact of the storm, it's possible the same scenario will be repeated this morning. three companies have canceled earnings reports. pfizer, nrg and entergy. the government still planning to release personal income and spending data at 8:30. >> the question is did they decide to shut down the electronic portion because the s sec and others said we don't know whether the system unto itself will work, or -- >> they did taest it back in march. >> and they were undetermine pressure in banks and c
and r and use somebody else as a point of pride? do you say next time this isn't going to happen? >> someone yesterday was saying is the selloff -- how much is related to how bad the numbers are and just how much to the way that the newspapers came out. >> i think it's the numbers themselves. >> i don't understand why the street was so far off on that. >> an analyst says google is above all others. in hindsight he'll say not surprising. but earlier this week, it was google is the one who will never stumble. >> you have the mobile problem and the motorola problem. >> mobile is a bigger problem. >> if you could see what was happening in facebook shares yesterday, same issue because it's clearly impacting everybody. nobody be's figured out a way to make a dollar. >> and other analysts have said i don't understand why google would be different. if you're worried about mobile and how nobody has figured out how to make money off of mobile and get the ad space there. >> has anyone gone on to google today? if they had a sense of humor, it would be -- >> 1987 crash? >> no, they would be m
.8% for the quarter. earnings news maker is caterpillar ceo, joining us at 8:00 eastern time. joe mentioned the markets and friday's tough finish to stocks. the dow dropping more than 200 points during the session. but the major indexes did hold on to small gains for the week. and check out the calendar. two day fmoc meeting beginning tomorrow. wednesday, new home sales. thursday, we get the weekly jobless claims, durable goods and pending home sales and friday consumer sentiment, so a huge week and it all wraps up with the first quarter read of third quarter gdp. that number will be watched closely. our squawk market master this hour is marc faber. he'll be joining us onset in just a moment. in fact i think i see him making his way out now. also politics are on the agenda today, as well. we have the third and final presentation debate set for tonight in florida. that final 90 minute showdown will focus on foreign policy. bob schieffer of cbs will be moderating. you can watch complete coverage right here on cnbc and of course the cnbc twicker will be live. right now let's get you up to spee
before earnings season began. stocks losing $500 billion in just three days and that's just in the u.s. markets alone. u.s. equity futures have this hour -- take a look at the board. we've got green arrows. dow looks like it would open up about 18.5 points higher. the s&p 500 would be up about two points. two big stories could have a very big impact on today's sessions. let's start with the central bank. the policy decision is expected from the fomc around 2:15 eastern time. economists aren't looking for any change in rates and the fed appears intent to stick to its bond buying program. it would take more than a modest show of economic strength for them to begin taking their foot off that gas pedal. we've got names set before the bell. those include at&t, boeing, bristol myers, and a few other stocks to watch. put this in the bad news bears reporting. revenue falling short, though, and the company announcing plans to cut 5% of its work force and close 20 plants, part of a restructuring program aimed at countering the slowing global economy. andrew liveris will be joining at 6:30. faceb
to the region's exposure to china. and finally, a u.s. congressional committee set to recommend blocking china's big telecom equipment maker from expanding in american markets. leaked report says that there are security risks. >> codo we trust the chinese? >> if you were looking there, i would find another vendor if you care about your indiatakellectu property and the national security of the united states of america. >> that report was something. the full report set to to be released at 10:00 a.m. eastern today. the move comes as they're considering a public offering. and joe has more headlines. >> the leaves are changing color. east coast starting to feel the chill of autumn. that could only mean earnings season are upon us. i'm not sure why my headlines aren't exciting enough or ominous enough for the new music, but apparently they're not even though earnings are not expected to be that great. so you would think maybe i would have some music with my read here. there it goes. >> i'm even getting sick of it at that point, sorry. >> it's not going to be a good earnings season and i don't get t
. coming up at 7:30 a.m., daniel amond will talk to us first. it is halloween, but not in the state of new jersey, because the governor has postponed halloween here. he's going to be pushing it back to another day. >> i'm not sure it's halloween in a lot of places. we're supposed to have a halloween party at my house tonight. my kids are supposed to be thing 1 and thing 2. i'm supposed to be cat in the hat. and my wife is supposed to be sally. that's what she wanted to be. >> sally is who? >> one of the kids. one of kids. let's get to lower manhattan. lower manhattan is springing to life today after super storm sandy hit the area, flooding the battery. the new york stock exchange is set to ring its opening bell today after being closed. for the past two days, scott cohn reports from lower manhattan right now. scott? >> good morning, andrew. the red, white, and blue lights behind me are symbolic at the new york stock exchange. they came on about 10:30 monday night as the storm was just make its way through here as people were frantically trying to keep water out, ultimately in vain. but pow
practical tore and gamble. jon moeller will talk to us first at 7:00 a.m. and we will talk about fixing the debt, rising would have the fiscal cliff with honeywell coe david cote and our guest host robert johnson at 7:15 a.m. this is huge. about 80 ceos have signed on to this and we'll talk a lot about it today. all that plus a rock star who can't drive 55 when it comes to business. sammy ha sgchlt ar gar talks ab listening to his gut and he has made more money in a business. he's a genius. right now, more of andrew's top stories. >> i'm looking forward to seeing that interview. we have new news on apple. a judge ruling that samsung infringing on four apple pat te ents. and best buy is shaking up its management ranks. saying head of its u.s. business will be leaving in february and its chief administrative officer at the end of the month. best buy warning its third quarter results will fall women well short of forecasts. shares coming under pressure in after hours trading. and former goldman sachs director gupta has been sentenced for two years for insider trading. gupta has been hit wi
is in denver this morning and he will join us in just a few minutes with the other poll numbers and see just exactly how close it is. then we're going to try our own debates. at 6:30 eastern time, we have strategists from both sides of the aisle. democrat jimmy williams versus republican joe watkins. an hour later, former dnc chair and vermont governor howard dean is facing off against ed conard. irene rosenfeld, the ceo of mondolez international. the markets aren't to be forgotten. at 8:30 eastern time, we will be joined by jim grant. we're going to talk about the best investing strategies for the rest of the year with him. first, let's get you up to speed on this morning's headlines. over to andrew. >>> friday we'll get the government september jobs report. could be a game changer for the election. we'll get a hint of what may be to come. the employment report coming at 8:15 eastern time. poll forecasters say the economy likely added 155,000 private payroll jobs this month. we'll bring you the number and get you instant reaction from joel prakken. in corporate news, richard schultz is pres
. >> julia will join us with more of that conversation coming up at 7:30. and we'll find out why craig barrett is not a facebook fan. and in sports news, yes, europe has retained the ryder cup. staging a comeback after the u.s. began sunday with a big lead. europe has won five of the last six matches. this was a heartbreak for anyone watching this. we'll talk more about that a little later this half hour. but first before we get to all of that, andrew has this morn g morning's other top stories. >> we have global data this morning and not all of it that great. eurozone manufacturing reporting its worsts quarterly performance since the depths of the great recession. factories were hit by falling nand. survey suggests that the downturn began in smaller periphery countries has now taken root in core members including germany and france. speaking of europe, an expert group will present its findings to the eu commission, that's coming tomorrow. the proposal could recommend european banks separate retail banking from their riskier investment arms. but eu regulators said to be unlikely to pu
by asking those of us who have done very well in this country to contribute a little bit more to reduce the deficit. >> there were also some notable exchanges about jobs, health care, energy industry subsidies and regulation, all of these things got deeper than some people had been expecting. we'll talk about those topics with john harwood. but if you were watching, as they headed in a 70% -- >> down from 80 the day before. >> right now it's down to about 66% in trade obviously suggesting romney got a big boost. >> mini flash crash. >> among our political guests this morning ready to talk about the road to election today, arianna huffington will be our guest host. huffington "post" obviously has a left bent, but it was declaring romney won the debate. ken duberstein will join us, as well. >> i was reading some of your tweets last night, john, and i liked your tweet. i tell you what i took away from the entire debate because i want to let you say it, but i saw what's possible in a life spent without any alcohol. i saw what i could have possibly been -- i saw how i could have possibly bee
for 113,000 jobs and the unemployment rate of 8.2%. meanwhile ap using 113,000 jobs and a jobless rate of 8.2%. that would make that 111,000 for the ap. well have complete coverage of today's reports. we have a trio of experts who are standing by to join us in just a few minutes. michel michelle girard. and in the next hour, jared bernstein and tony fratto. our guest host this morning is fx concepts chairman john taylor. after we hear the number at 8:30 eastern time, we'll talk about what the news means for the obama and romney campaigns. our ges both served as chairman of the economic advisers. austan goolsbee and ed lazear under president obama. but first this morning's headlines. >>> you wanted music but you didn't pick this? >> no but it didn't bother me until you started mocking it. >> she want us just to talk, no music. >> let's get to spain and its finance minister. sparking laughter from an audience in london today, why he told a group of academics that his country doesn't need a bailout at all. that's interesting. the minister is arguing that madrid's reform program right now
will be visiting us in studio. ian poulter gave the team a boost of confidence. yes, basically it is all about ian poulter. he is the reason they won this cup. on sunday, he defeated webb simpson in singles in the come from behind win. more points than any player on either team. polster will ste poulter will join us at 6:45 eastern time. >>> european shares are under a lot of pressure in early trading today, hurt in large part by doubts about the spanish bailout. reuters reporting spain is ready to request a rescue as early as next weekend, but german officials reportedly saying madrid should hold off. the news is creating a lot of confusion among investors and we'll check in with ross westgate in london in just a few minutes to talk about that. in asian market news, australia central bank cutting its main cash rate by a quarter point today to 3.25%. policymakers say the growth outlook for next year looks a little weaker while inflation nation likely to remain contained within it target. and on the u.s. economic calendar today, monthly auto sales. analysts are looking for an annual sales rate of a
expect to see us drift into a zero growth economy and possibly a recession in the first quarter. >> this morning the financial services forum is sending a letter to congress urging lawmakers to work together to find a bipartisan agreement. it's been signed by 16 financial leaders. eamon javers will join us with the details. and then we'll be joined by jim rohr, he always has good insight into consumer trends, availability of loans, so we'll have a lot to talk with him about. and later in the show, tell pawlenty, former minnesota governor preparing to run the financial services round table. pawlenty, former minnesota governor preparing to run the financial services round table. pawlenty, former minnesota governor preparing to run the financial services round table. pawlenty, former minnesota governor preparing to run the financial services round table. pawlenty, former minnesota governor preparing to run the financial services round table. pawlenty, former minnesota governor preparing to run the financial services round table. plus the sting operation that led to the arrest of a
that bid for splint and as you saw yesterday on this show, news of a possible daily for the u.s. operator first broke here with david faber. softbank has been looking how you to break in to the u.s. market for months. and defense secretary leon panetta says the u.s. military could act preemptively if it detects an imminent threat of cyber attack. he urged stronger action to bolster america's defenses against such plots. officials say this was the first major policy speech on cyber security by any defense secretary. and we've been waiting. the nobel peace prize was awarded today to you, the -- no, that was "time" magazine. >> total cop out. >> a cheap mirror on the cover. this time it went to the european union. the entire union. >> who gets the money? >> i don't know. they'll use to pay off some of the unlg debts that they have. the committee citing the eu's historic role in uniting the continent saying the award was meant as a morale boost for the bloc as it struggles to resolve its debt crisis. i have talked about the peace prize being both political and sort of having jumped the shark
public lands that they weren't using. >> there was a lot of that last night. also the candidates' tax plans, a major topic of interest. >> and you can't buy the sales pitch, nobody who's looked at it that's serious actually believes it adds up. >> of course they add up. i was someone who ran businesses for 25 years. and balanced the budget. >> yeah, a lot of love in that room last night. john harwood will be joining us onset with more. >>> plus, larry summers, obviously we have a lot to talk to him about, including the debate, the looming fiscal cliff, and management changes at citigroup. and joe mentioned earnings central. we do have a number of household names on the ayen genagenda. we're going to be welcoming a few top corporate executives this morning to talk about those quarterly results as well. the company outlooks and the broader economy. those include pepsi cfo hugh johnston coming up at 7:10 eastern time. and michael ward, that's at 7:30 eastern time. but before we get to all of that let's get you up to speed on this morning's top headlines. andrew, i will send it over
will join us with the highlights. among our newsmakers you can we have rob portman at 7:00. he's been playing the role of president obama in mitt romney's debate preparations. then coming up at 8:00, we have senator john kerry. he's been playing mitt romney in the president's debate prep sessions. of course earnings central is still in full swing. before the bell, we will hear from dupont, 3 m, united technologies, and many others. also a topic dominating discussions is the fiscal cliff. the annual meeting of the securities trade group is taking place in new york today. and the looming risk the u.s. economy is sure to be on the agenda of participants. we'll be joined by a few of those this morning. including gary gensler. chet heick will also be joining us. on the lighter side of thing, we'll have a rock star among us this morning. yeah, we mean this literally. not just the rock stars we usually have. john popper of blues travelers will be joining us on set at 8:40 to talk about the business of music. but first, let's get over to joe. you have some breaking earnings news? >> i do. at
that coming up at 6:20 eastern time. and then we have a number of the top rank analysts joining us throughout the day. stocks bucking recent trend yesterday finishing at the highs of the day. the dow turning in its best session in a month. this morning we'll be focusing on asset allocation. we'll find out what they're doing with more than a trillion dollars in assets. and squawk heads back to campus. this week we're welcoming money managers there five of the nation's top universities. they are single handedly responsible for finding investment returns needed to find these schools funded. yesterday we went for a little luck of the irish. today we'll be hearing from northwestern and then later this week, the university of texas, university of michigan, and stanford. plus president obama and mitt romney will be squaring off in the second presidential debate tonight. this is a town hall format. both sides say their candidate is ready. >> mitt's prepared. mitt's confident. mitt's got a good presence about him. >> i'm smiling, i'm giving a thumbs up if he can see it. i assume that he can, so i make
.7 billion. the that i am names of relative hitting behind partnerships and investment vehicles using friends and business partners. the chinese government is denouncing the report saying it smears china and there are also reports that beijing is blocking the story on the internet. yesterday afternoon, i've known the story has been coming for a long time, a number of business people i know in china actually sent e-mails from g-mail accounts saying do not e-mail me, do not contact me from your times -- even for me. >> no matter who you are. >> it just come out within a half hour. it was like wildfire. and you're right, the "new york times" does have a bureau in china. they started a chinese language website. so this article is in chinese. there are people that are finding ways to get around to get to the story. but it's an extraordinary story in part because wen has always presented himself as a man of the people. >> they always do. >> and throughout this whole period, his wife and so many of these individuals, all sorts of business partnership, government state sponsored -- incredible. >> wha
will be joining us live. >>> and both president obama and mitt roy in will be in ohio today. voters in the swing state are getting their last chance to register for next month's election. the polls are now all over the map. pew has romney up four points, but gallup says the positive jobs report gave president obama a five point boost. among our guests, ken langone and donald trump. and focusing on issues of foreign policy and national security, we have senator john mccain. and by the way, if you went to sleep early last night, the texans beat the jets 23-17. this win brings the texans perfect record this season to 5-0. we will have more in squawk sports. first andrew has the morning's other top stories. >>> mr. sanchez had a chance to win that close to the end there and he didn't. the imf, though, this morning warning that the global economy has weakened further and now predicts slower growth for the next year. the advanced economies like the u.s., imf saying growth now too slow to make a serious dent in unemployment. meantime the imf predicting growth will begin to slow down in emerging economi
will be joining us live from kentucky with more in just a few minutes. but first andrew has this morning's top business stories. >>> we got some banking news this morning on wall street. jpmorgan cfo dug braunstein will be stepping down. he'll take on another post within the company, so he won't be leaving, but it was on his watch that the jpmorgan london whale experience happened and there remains scrutiny all around that. he's expected to lead the bank's earnings call tomorrow morning, so a lot of interest thp. in other headlines related to jpmorgan, deal book is reporting that the fbi investigation into the bank's $6 billion trading loss may not inchbly indicate jamie dimon, buts investigation does not appear to touch on the echelons of top management, but the company is still under investigation by the sec as to whether it misled investors about the size of the loss and it's worth noting it got tapes. so the fbi is listening to tapes. that will be very interesting. and goldman sachs says it has found little substance as to allegation that by greg smith. he you may remember claimed that the
. there was no flooding or damage. but a lot more going on and we want to talk to bertha coombs who joins us with more on what's ahead for the markets. >> yeah, last night the nyse take to go twitter to dismedical rumors that the floor was under water. you can see it is dry here. plenty of sand bags. later on this morning, the nyse, the nasdaq and exchanges will all try their contingency systems. the ncht yse will do that test between 8:00 a.m. and noon. they will do it open at 9:30 and then a closing at 12:00. they do expect and hope to be open tomorrow. but what you have to look at is the rest of the infrastructure here in lower manhattan. last night, we had a substation blow on east 14th street in the lower part of manhattan and that set off a major power outage, all of manhattan below 39th street is without powers as of last night. and i will tell you it was a very frightening sight driving downtown to try to get done here to get here. hotels down here have no power. so there may have been some folks who actually were in the area and stayed in hotels to be near here, but beyond that, you also don'
today. it is a key component to the u.s. economic recovery. our guest host this morning understands this well. richard lefrak will be joining us in the next hour. also, we are continuing our week long series, what's working now. dan fuss is going to talk to us about where he's making money in the fixed income world right now. he's got a great record. i believe it's better than 10% over the last 20 years that he's been averaging. also it was a tweet heard around the world. jack welch questioning the jobs report last friday. today he is using a few more than 140 characters to explain. we're going to talk about his op ed. at 8:00 a.m., jack will be calling into the show to talk about things. all of that coming up. on the lighter side of things, we'll be talking sports. in baseball, the playoffs last night. the a's beating the tigers 2-0. detroit now leads the series 2-1. the reds lost 2-1, but cincinnati still leads the series two games to one. we'll have more in squawk sports at 6:20 eastern. that's a good one i was watching. the next hour, we'll talk about golf. rhys jones is our gue
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23